Tue June 14, 2011

Ethanol Subsidies Survive Senate Vote, Splinter GOP

On Tuesday, the Senate blocked a measure that would have ended both federal subsidies and protective tariffs for corn-based ethanol fuel.
Mark Wilson Getty Images

Costly subsidies for homegrown fuel won a vote of confidence Tuesday on Capitol Hill. In a key test vote, the Senate blocked a measure that would have immediately ended both federal subsidies and protective tariffs for corn-based ethanol fuel.

The outcome showed the continued clout of farm states. But it also showed that most Senate Republicans are willing to get rid of at least one tax break.

A 'Very Controversial Subject'

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Tue June 14, 2011
The Two-Way

British Officials: Bombing Alone Will Not End Gadhafi Rule

The Guardian reports that British government officials say that bombing alone will not be sufficient to make Col. Moammar Gadhafi step down. The paper reports:

Instead, they are pinning their hopes on the defection of Muammar Gaddafi's closest aides, or the Libyan leader's agreement to flee the country.

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Tue June 14, 2011

Egypt's Secret Military Trials Erode Activists' Trust

A man holds a placard protesting military trials at a demonstration in front of a building where the high military council met with youth groups on June 1.
Khaled Desouki AFP/Getty Images

Many of the middle-class Egyptian youth who spearheaded the efforts to oust dictator Hosni Mubarak say one of the biggest threats to the revolution today is the ruling junta's use of secret military trials. It's estimated that at least 7,000 people — including protesters, bloggers and dissidents — have been jailed by the army since Mubarak stepped down.

Youth activists are now pressing the Egyptian military to transfer those cases to civilian courts and investigate allegations of abuse and torture by military police.

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Tue June 14, 2011
Youth Radio

This Is Your Brain On Ads: An Internal 'Battle'

Maya wears the EEG cap and watches the commercial at the headquarters on NeuroFocus in Berkeley, Calif.
Courtesy of Youth Radio

For decades, social scientists have tried to determine how TV advertising affects the children and teenagers who watch them. Do commercials make kids more materialistic? Are fast food ads responsible for childhood obesity rates?

So I wanted to find out what's going on in the brain when kids watch a TV ad.

I am at Walgreens in the hair product aisle. There are a lot of brand-name shampoos on the shelf, but there's one that always catches my eye — Tresemme.

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Tue June 14, 2011

Hate-Crime Arrests Signal 'Victory' For California City

Azusa is a small, working-class college city along the train tracks in the San Gabriel Valley, just 25 miles east of Los Angeles. Federal prosecutors say for years, the Varrio Azusa 13 gang has monopolized sales of cocaine, heroin and meth here.

"This gang has waged an insidious, two-decade campaign of violence, fueled not only by drug dealing but by racial animus and hatred," U.S. Attorney Andre Birotte told reporters in L.A. "They had an edict dating back to 1992 to basically get rid of African-Americans from Azusa."

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Tue June 14, 2011
Shots - Health Blog

House Debates Funding Cuts For Food Safety, Nutrition Programs

Trying to keep the purse strings tied up tightly is the name of the game for House GOP leaders today as the House of Representatives debates an agriculture appropriations bill that would cut funding for nutrition programs and food safety.

In a bit of a twist, the House is allowing votes on amendments, so the floor debate could last hours, if not a day or two, congressional aides predict.

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Tue June 14, 2011
The Two-Way

Boehner Presses Obama To Comply With War Powers Resolution

Saying that "I remain deeply concerned the Congress has not been provided answers from the executive branch to fundamental questions regarding the Libya mission," House Speaker John Boehner (R-OH) has sent a letter to President Obama urging him to "faithfully comply with the War Powers Resolution" by Friday.

Boehner writes that:

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Tue June 14, 2011
The Record

Bad Vibrations: Investigating Sound As Terror

Steve Goodman, also known as Kode9, at left, with frequent collaborator The Spaceape.
Courtesy of Hyperdub

I first heard of Steve Goodman as the head of the Hyperdub, a London-based record label that has released work by avant-garde electronic artists like Burial, Joker, and The Bug. But Goodman isn't your average label executive. He's a scholar, a lecturer at the University of East London, and a musician who goes by the name Kode9. His new album, Black Sun, features rumbling bass lines under lyrics about a toxic world where a radioactive event has laid the land to waste.

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Tue June 14, 2011

Company Sues Apple Over Use Of iCloud Name

The website of iCloud Communications, which is suing Apple over the use of the name iCloud.

Apple is being sued for trademark infringement over the name of its new Internet storage service, which it calls iCloud. A company in Dallas says it has been using that name since 2005.

Last week Apple introduced iCloud, a service that will let users store music, photos, calendars, e-mails and other content online. But iCloud Communications says Apple should have asked the Phoenix-based company before using the name.

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Tue June 14, 2011

'Hell Of A Leader': Marines Remember Sgt. Garrison

Sgt. Joseph Garrison with Fox Company, 2nd Battalion, 8th Marine Regiment, runs through the desert near Camp Leatherneck during a drill in June 2009. Garrison was killed while on his fourth combat deployment to Afghanistan in June 2011, when he was struck by a homemade bomb in Marja.
David Gilkey NPR

On Friday, Marines will gather to remember Sgt. Joseph Garrison at a small combat outpost in Afghanistan's Helmand province.

Garrison, 27, was killed earlier this month by a roadside bomb.

NPR talked with Garrison on an earlier deployment, when he was busy training Marines for an operation against Taliban forces in the Helmand River valley.

"We're brothers. We eat together, train together, sleep together," Garrison said two years ago. "And we'll die for each other."

'Hell Of A Leader'

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