Thu March 20, 2014
Arts District

Creative District That's Both Arts & Ag Seeks An Official Nod

The Farmer Mural, located at 709 10th street, illustrates the melding of Greeley's agricultural roots and its arts scene.
City of Greeley

When many people think about Greeley, Colo., one brand is burned on their brains: Meat processing, agriculture, and dairies. Yet, there’s also a critical mass of art galleries, live performance venues, and annual events.

Those artistic assets have prompted the city to seek an official creative district designation from the state.

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Wed March 19, 2014

Colorado Leads The Way On 'Small Hydro'

Steve Fletcher, manager of the Uncompahgre Valley Water Users Association, looks out over the South Canal, a small hydro project east of Montrose, Colo.
Sam Fuqua RMCR

For much of the 20th century, hydroelectric technology led to the construction of giant dams across the American West and around the world. Big hydro projects have a big impact on surrounding ecosystems, Colorado is at the center of a growing move toward hydropower on a smaller scale.

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Wed March 19, 2014
Author Interviews

Unpacking Lessons From Colorado's Cantaloupe Listeria Scare

Rocky Ford, Colo. cantaloupe growers took a hit after news broke about a 2011 listeria outbreak.
Credit Luke Runyon / KUNC and Harvest Public Media

When Colorado cantaloupe laden with the deadly pathogen listeria killed more than 30 people in 2011, shockwaves rippled throughout the food industry. The outbreak made one thing clear: huge cracks exist in the systems meant to keep our food safe to eat.

Denver Post reporters Michael Booth and Jennifer Brown set out to explore those conflicts within food safety in their new book Eating Dangerously.

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Tue March 18, 2014

Positive Forecast Gives Colorado Budget Some Wiggle Room

Ken Lund Flickr - Creative Commons

Colorado lawmakers learned Tuesday that the state’s economy is stronger than expected. That means they’ll have more money to spend in the 2015 budget.

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Tue March 18, 2014

Colorado Republicans Reshuffle In Advance Of Midterm Elections

Owen Hill’s departure largely clears the way for Republican Cory Gardner to challenge incumbent Democratic U.S. Senator Mark Udall. Gardner has one remaining GOP challenger, State Sen. Randy Baumgardner.
U.S. House of Representatives

Republican State Senator Owen Hill announced he’s dropping his bid for the office. Hill would have run against Republican Party frontrunner Cory Gardner for the chance to represent the GOP against incumbent Democrat U.S. Sen. Mark Udall. The move marks one of several reshuffling acts happening now in Colorado Republican races for national office.

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Tue March 18, 2014

Fort Collins City Council To Vote On Allowing Retail Pot Shops

A medical marijuana display inside Organic Alternatives in Fort Collins. City Council will vote on whether to allow retail pot shops March 18.
Grace Hood KUNC

In places like Denver and Steamboat Springs, the debate over retail marijuana has long been settled. It’s a different story in Fort Collins. A final decision on whether to allow retail marijuana in city limits is expected soon.

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Sun March 16, 2014
Housing Market

Rent Spikes In Greeley Despite High Vacancy Rate

Average housing rentals in Greeley jumped dramatically at the end of 2013.
Credit J. Stephen Conn / Flickr - Creative Commons


Sat March 15, 2014
The Garden Report

With The Onset Of Spring, It's Time to Cut Back Your Plants

Cut back ornamental grasses to make way for the new growing cycle.
Credit Gardening in a Minute/Flickr Creative Commons

With the warmer weather around the corner, spring bulbs like tulips and crocus are getting ready to bloom. Ornamental grasses will require more attention and (gasp!) weeds have already gotten a head start. It’s time to get back to work in the garden.

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Fri March 14, 2014
Colorado Flood

Grants Help Flood Damaged Historic Places Hold On To The Past

Screen cap showing close up of the flood damage at the Baldpate Inn Sept. 2013.
Credit Lois Smith / Baldpate Inn

If you gamble in Blackhawk or Cripple Creek, your taxes helped restore buildings from Colorado’s past – and those damaged in September’s historic floods.

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Fri March 14, 2014

Finally In Wider Release, 'Tim's Vermeer' Is A Tale Of Art And Invention

Tim Jenison discovers a mistake in Vermeer’s original painting of “The Music Lesson.”
Tim Jenison, © 2013 High Delft Pictures LLC Courtesy of Sony Pictures Classics

Playing at film festivals around the globe for months Tim’s Vermeer has developed an appreciative audience. It’s a deserved reputation that may only expand now that it’s finally showing in theaters.

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