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Tue October 4, 2011
The Salt

Sesame Street Tackles Child Hunger, One Muppet At A Time

Sesame Workshop

There's a poignant moment right at the top of Sesame Street's new prime-time special, "Growing Hope Against Hunger." Everybody's gathered for a food drive near Hooper's store when, Lily, a new Muppet developed specifically for the show, reveals to Elmo that "sometimes I go with my family to the food pantry." Elmo is clearly jolted by the news. "Elmo never even has to think about where his next meal is coming from," he says.

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Tue October 4, 2011

TIMELINE: Namibia's Checkered History Of Conservation

Conservation has long been a part of Namibia's story – but not always to the benefit of wildlife or people.


Tue October 4, 2011

Toyota Redesigns The Camry, Aiming To Stay On Top

Originally published on Tue October 18, 2011 10:05 am

The new redesigned 2012 Toyota Camry is unveiled during a news event on the Paramount Studios lot in Hollywood, Calif.

Kevork Djansezian Getty Images

Tinkering with success can be a dangerous thing. A redesigned version of the Toyota Camry, America's best-selling car for the past nine years, is going on sale in the U.S.

Toyota recently lost market share and has suffered through bad PR due to recalls, in addition to dealing with the continuing aftereffects of the Japan earthquake. Toyota executives are betting on the new Camry to jump-start the company's future.

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Tue October 4, 2011

These Days, Everyone Dares Call It Treason

Originally published on Tue October 4, 2011 11:24 am

American turncoat Benedict Arnold persuades Maj. John Andre to conceal papers in his boot and send them to the British to enable them to capture West Point in this print by C.F. Blauvelt and W. Wellstood circa 1785.

Hulton Archive Getty Images

Hurling around a word like "treason," the Chicago Sun-Times has observed, "is the definition of dirty politics."

If that be the case, this particular political season is dirtier than a West Texas hog wallow.

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Tue October 4, 2011
13.7: Cosmos And Culture

The End Of Time As We Know It

Originally published on Tue October 4, 2011 5:47 am

Each culture of time is backed by its own cosmology.

Three Lions Getty Images

Where were you when you first heard about the big bang? Was it a trip to planetarium? Was it at home watching a science documentary? When did you first learn that the world was made up of atoms? Was it in a middle school science class or a high school chemistry lesson? How did you first find out about black holes? Was it in a science fiction movie or a TV documentary?

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