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Fri August 5, 2011
Strange News

Thief In N.H. Returns Stolen Items, Apologizes

Last month, a New Hampshire man stole a wallet from a woman's shopping cart, taking $90 and a GPS navigation device. Days later, the man knocked on the woman's door, having also found her address. He said he was sorry as he returned the items. Police say if they find him, they'll arrest him anyway.


Fri August 5, 2011
Strange News

Thanks To Monks, Lobsters Avoid Pot, Return To Sea

To celebrate Wheel Turning Day, a group of Tibetan Monks in Massachusetts bought more than 500 lobsters destined for large pots of boiling water and put them in the cool waters of the Atlantic instead. The holiday commemorates Buddha's first sermon, when he spoke of karma; good deeds performed on this day are multiplied.


Fri August 5, 2011

Wall Street Awaits A Nail-Biter Of A Jobs Report

Investors seeking reason for optimism after the worst stock-market sell-off since the 2008 financial crisis probably won't find it in Friday's July jobs report.

Economists are forecasting that employers added only 90,000 jobs last month and that the unemployment rate was unchanged at 9.2 percent, according to a survey by FactSet.

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Fri August 5, 2011

Rick Perry's Religious Revival Sparks A Holy War

Originally published on Wed August 24, 2011 8:55 am

Texas Gov. Rick Perry looks on during a speech at a Boy Scout ceremony in June aboard the USS Midway in San Diego. At that dinner, he said the federal government is rudderless. Now, he's calling for a "day of prayer and fasting on behalf of our nation."
Gregory Bull AP

Rick Perry, the longest-serving governor of Texas, is a Methodist by tradition who, with his wife, Anita, now attends an evangelical megachurch in Austin. He is open about his deep Christian faith.

On Saturday, Perry, who is widely expected to enter the race for the White House, is hosting a religious revival in Houston to pray for what he calls "a nation in crisis."

While the governor claims it's nothing more than a Christian prayer rally, the event has touched off a holy war among critics, who claim it is Jesus-exclusive and political.

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Fri August 5, 2011
Around the Nation

After Twister, Joplin Holds On To Broken Relics

Volunteers clear debris from a tornado-damaged apartment complex late last month, two months after a tornado ripped through town, killing 160 people and destroying a third of the city.
Scott Olson Getty Images

Residents of Joplin, Mo., have worked overtime to move debris and make a fresh start after one of the most destructive tornadoes demolished a third of the city in May. Still, many cling to what to outsiders might look like battered junk in order to keep memories of the event from slipping away.

Just after the storm, for example, Randy Brown walked away from his splintered home pushing a trashcan full of whatever he could salvage, possibly for a shrine.

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