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Sat July 30, 2011
Pop Culture

Jonathan Winters Reflects On A Lifetime Of Laughs

Jonathan Winters' entertainment career began when his wife encouraged him to enter a local talent contest in his hometown of Dayton, Ohio. He ended up winning the contest — along with a wrist watch and a job as a local radio DJ.
Stephen Shugerman Getty Images

The recent Smurfs movie has the distinction of casting one of America's most admired of comedians. He's Jonathan Winters and he gives voice to Papa Smurf in the new film, but he also voiced Grandpa Smurf in the 1980s TV cartoon series.

Winters has practiced comedy for over 60 years in just about every medium you can make people laugh in — on the radio, on television, in nightclubs, on recordings, in movies and even on telephone answering machines (ask your parents).

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Sat July 30, 2011
Reporter's Notebook

Olympic Triumph Amid Tragedy At 1996 Games

It's been 15 years since the Summer Olympics were held in Atlanta. NPR's Kathy Lohr covered the games and remembers how the Olympic spirit rose above the tragic bombing.

For me, two events still stand out from that summer.

First, the opening ceremony, which I covered from Centennial Olympic Park, where the festivities were broadcast for free on huge TV screens. It was a big party, and I stayed in the park for hours recording the event.

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Sat July 30, 2011

What Will We Watch As Drones Evolve?

Every week it seems there are reports about U.S. drones — unmanned, remote-controlled aerial vehicles — tracking down suspected terrorists in remote, unreachable areas of Yemen, Somalia, Libya or Pakistan. Drone technology is becoming increasingly affordable and accessible, with new potential for everyday use in the United States — and new worries for national security.

Uses At Home

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Sat July 30, 2011
America's Mayors: Governing In Tough Times

In Tough Times, Philadelphia Bucks The Trend

Part 3 of a 6-part series

More than two years after the recession officially ended, mayors across the country are still struggling to balance their budgets.

Philadelphia avoided the big public employee layoffs seen in other cities by bucking national trends and doing what many consider unthinkable: raising taxes.

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Fri July 29, 2011

House Poised To Vote On Debt Bill

Robert Siegel talks to NPR's David Welna live on Capitol Hill. Welna discusses what's happening with Speaker John Boehner's debt ceiling plan in the House.