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Fri July 22, 2011

How Has 'Wall Street Journal' Fared Under Murdoch?

The News Corp.-owned Wall Street Journal blasted critics for double standards and insisted that the phone-tapping scandal in Britain should not tarnish all of Rupert Murdoch's media empire.
Paul J. Richards AFP/Getty Images

The news Friday that the U.S. Justice Department is preparing wide-ranging subpoenas in the News Corp. phone hacking case was first disclosed by The Wall Street Journal. The paper is owned by News Corp. and Rupert Murdoch considers it the jewel in his crown.

And although the Journal has not been directly linked to any journalistic misconduct, the scandal has raised the question of how it has fared under Murdoch's ownership.

Murdoch's Acquisition Brought Big Changes

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Fri July 22, 2011
The Two-Way

Developing: Obama Says Boehner Has Broken Off Debt Ceiling Negotiations

Originally published on Fri July 22, 2011 4:15 pm

President Obama said that House Speaker John Boehner has called off negotiations with him on raising the debt ceiling.

The president said it was "hard to understand" why Boehner would walk away.

Boehner confirmed on an interview Fox News, earlier, that "there is no plan" to avoid defaulting. According to the AP, Boehner said he would now start negotiations with the Senate.

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Fri July 22, 2011
Around the Nation

Honey, Stop The Car: Monuments That Move You

You know the feeling: You're driving and you spot a little-known memorial that makes you want to pull over and find out more. It could be a monument to some local hero or to a long-forgotten historical moment. NPR is taking a summer-long road trip and exploring the deep — and sometimes mysterious — histories of these spots. Click on the icons below to explore the series.

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Fri July 22, 2011
Music Interviews

A Few Of Vanessa Carlton's Favorite Things

Vanessa Carlton's new album, Rabbits on the Run, comes out July 26.
Courtesy of the artist

Vanessa Carlton started her career intending to become a professional ballet dancer, but instead, she followed her dreams of becoming a musician. Now, she's a classically trained pianist, a singer and a songwriter. Her 2002 debut album, Be Not Nobody, earned three Grammy nominations. She's followed up that smash debut with three more albums, the latest of which is titled Rabbits on the Run.

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Fri July 22, 2011
Music News

Dos: Veteran Punks With A Low-End Theory

Dos y Dos is the latest album from Kira Roessler and Mike Watt's long-running, bass-only music project.
Eiko Kobayashi Courtesy of the artist

The band Dos takes its name from the Spanish word for two. Its members are two legendary Southern California punk rockers, but they feature only one instrument: the electric bass guitar. With just eight strings, Dos creates a diverse sound that ranges from Tejano ballads to modern waltzes — and it all started three decades ago with the sleepless nights of two young boys.

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