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Fri July 15, 2011
Around the Nation

Washington, D.C.'s Official Drink? The Rickey

Politicians in Washington, D.C. have finally agreed on legislation. The City Council has proclaimed the official Washington drink. The Rickey is made with gin or whiskey, lime juice and club soda. It was invented at a D.C. bar popular with politicians and reporters in 1883.


Fri July 15, 2011
The Two-Way

Lawmakers On Call Through Weekend For More Budget Talks

With President Obama set to hold another news conference later this morning to talk about what's going on, here's some of the latest news about the talks between the White House and congressional leaders from both parties about deficit-reduction and raising the federal government's so-called debt ceiling before Aug. 2 — the day the White House says the government will run out of money and might default on some of its obligations.

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Fri July 15, 2011

Business News

Mary Louise Kelly has business news.


Fri July 15, 2011
Middle East

A Facade Of Normal Life In Syria's Capital

Syrians walk outside the Omayyad Mosque in the old city Damascus in April. Residents are adapting to life amid the s ongoing uprising against President Bashar Assad's regime.
Anwar Armo AFP/Getty Images

Things are slowly returning to a normal life in Damascus. But the foreign tourists are missing as the uprising against President Bashar Assad drags.


Fri July 15, 2011
NPR Story

Outspoken Panetta Returns From Iraq, Afghanistan

Defense Secretary Leon Panetta is just back from a trip Afghanistan and Iraq. They're his first visit to the war zones since taking over the top job at the Pentagon. Mary Louise Kelly talks with NPR's Rachel Martin about how Panetta is making the transition from the very secretive role he played as director of the CIA to the very public job he has now.