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Fri May 27, 2011
The Two-Way

In Sudan, 80,000 Flee Fighting As Things Go From 'Worse To Even Worse'

In Sudan, "around 80,000 people have fled since the north Sudanese army seized the disputed Abyei region almost a week ago," a local official tells Reuters.

"The situation is going from worse to even worse," Dominic Deng, commissioner of the of a region in south Sudan that borders Abyei told the wire service. Many of the refugees have fled to his region, Deng said, and "they are sleeping under the trees. They need food and water ... some people are dying."

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Fri May 27, 2011

The Root: Slow Changes in Juvenile Justice System

Changes are coming slowly in the youth justice system amid poverty and racial disparity.

Cynthia Gordy is The Root's Washington reporter.

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Fri May 27, 2011

Phillies' Valdez Joins Babe Ruth In Record Books

The Philadelphia Phillies had a problem against the Cincinnati Reds the other night. By the 19th inning, the Phillies had used up all their relief pitchers. With his teammates snickering, second baseman Wilson Valdez took the mound. He proceeded to pitch a scoreless inning and got the win.


Fri May 27, 2011
Research News

Species Institute Announces Top 10 Discoveries

There are 1.8 million species in the world — and millions more are waiting to be discovered. This week, the International Institute for Species Exploration named its top 10 discoveries of the year. Among them: a mushroom that glows in the dark, and a bacteria found on the remains of the Titanic.


Fri May 27, 2011
Around the Nation

Memorial Day Weekend Will Be Snowy For Some

Memorial Day weekend is regarded as the unofficial start of summer. Tell that to people in Yellowstone, where there's still too much snow to open most of the park's campsites.