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Thu February 24, 2011

U.S. Military Keeps Close Eye On Egypt, Bahrain

Protesters throughout the Middle East and northern Africa are pressing their governments for reforms. But the U.S. military is keeping an especially close watch on two countries: Egypt and Bahrain.

That's because both countries are key to the American military's ability to operate in the region.

Egypt: A Canal Conundrum

Egypt's importance can be summed up pretty simply, says naval expert Norman Polmar: "Egypt has the Suez Canal, which is vital," he says.

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Wed February 23, 2011

World's Coral Reefs Facing Serious Threats

Originally published on Wed May 23, 2012 10:22 am

A major new survey of the world's coral reefs finds that they are in trouble. Big trouble.

Overfishing and local pollution continue to grow as threats, and the reefs' long-term existence is in doubt because the world's oceans are gradually getting warmer and more acidic because of human activity.

There's a lot at stake: Coral reefs are spectacular ecosystems, overflowing with diverse and colorful marine life. They're also the source of food and economic sustenance to half a billion people around the world.

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Wed February 23, 2011

Tunisia Embraces A Stream Of Refugees From Libya

A steady stream of people walked across Libya's western border into Tunisia on Wednesday. Libyan authorities have stopped monitoring the border, and Tunisian officials estimate that thousands have fled across it.

Tunisian authorities are entirely in control now. They have sent extra military troops — not to close the border, just to manage the inflow. The border is open to anyone who wants to get out of Libya and cross into the country where the Arab uprisings began.

Mohammed Abdu, an Egyptian man, was one of those who crossed Wednesday.

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Wed February 23, 2011

Are Government Employees Too Well Paid?

Tumult over state budget shortfalls — and proposed remedies that would diminish the clout of public unions — continued to spread this week.

From Wisconsin to Ohio and Indiana and beyond, newly ascendant Republican governors and legislators are taking on unions as they launch battles on budget deficits. They have been focusing on rolling back negotiated wage increases and benefits, as well as proposing changes that would weaken collective bargaining rights.

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Wed February 23, 2011
Monkey See

How Many Cooks?: Counting Up The Many Producers Of 'The King's Speech'

It's become a familiar sight that, at the beginning of a film, names flash across the screen one after the other: co-producers, line producers, associate producers, executive and co-executive producers. This year's 10 best picture nominees for the Academy Awards have 110 producers between them, and trying to decipher who actually made these movies left me feeling like Laurence Olivier as Marcus Licinius Crassus, on the hunt for the real Spartacus in a sea full of voices clamoring for credit.

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