Carrie Saldo

Arts & Culture Reporter

A native of Stamford, VT, I call(ed) the Berkshires of western Massachusetts my home. The Berkshires are a culturally rich area -- I’m talking pass the butter and heavy cream -- rich.

Degrees in English and Theatre from Manhattanville College (thanks mom) have been useful when I need to look good on paper. Toss in life-long dance lessons and two failed attempts at guitar mastery (sorry, dad) and you’ve got the broad brush strokes of how I landed here in Colorado.

I am the arts and culture maven for KUNC, RMPBS, and KUVO, which means I have a business card that folds out. The nuts and bolts of the gig go like this: host the weekly arts magazine television show, Arts District on RMPBS. Report on all things arts and culture for NPR member stations KUNC and KUVO.

Colorado’s arts and cultural scene is robust and diverse, at least that’s what Google tells me, and I suspect that’s the reason the bosses at all three organizations saw fit to craft this Transmedia position.  

Before I packed up my stuff, drugged my cat, and said “Westward, ho!” I was the host, writer, and a producer of Connecting Point, WGBY-Springfield’s nightly magazine program. While there, I busted out my backpack and video equipment to report on some serious stuff, the impact of the 2010 earthquake on a small village in Haiti, and some seriously fun stuff, the 75th anniversary of the Appalachian Trail.

Nitty gritty: More than a decade of journalism experience, first for something called a daily newspaper and then on the airwaves of WAMC Northeast Public Radio.

Shout outs from: the Associated Press and the Edward R. Murrow foundation.



Thu October 3, 2013
Arts District

Indigenous Film And Art Fest Tackles Multiculturalism Head On

Radmilla Cody, the subject of 'Hearing Radmilla,' which is being screened at the Indigenous Film and Arts Festival.
courtesy of the artist

As technology flattens the world, are distinct cultures being pressed out as well? Not if the Denver Indigenous Film and Arts Festival has anything to say about it.

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Thu September 12, 2013
Arts District

Loveland Museum Showcases Goya's Lasting Relevance

A self-portrait of the artist Francisco Goya

Spanish born Francisco Goya was primarily seen by his mid-18th and early 19th century contemporaries as a masterful court painter for the aristocracy. History regards him as one of the first modern artists, whose politically charged work still resonates today.

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Thu September 5, 2013
Arts District

Doubling Down On Ebony and Ivory

One of the two Steinway Grand Pianos available to performers at Greeley's UCCC
UCCC Courtesy photo

For a concert hall to have even one Steinway Grand Piano is a boon. But to have two? That’s something else. For the past 25 years, Greeley’s Union Colony Civic Center has been one of those lucky places with two of the prized instruments.

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Fri August 30, 2013
Arts District

For 100 Years, A Brotherhood Of The Arts At Perry-Mansfield

Dance students pose for a picture in the pond on campus at Perry-Mansfield
Carrie Saldo

Nestled in Steamboat Springs, far apart from the glitz of Broadway and Hollywood, the Perry-Mansfield School of Performing Arts recently wrapped up its 100th summer season.

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Thu August 8, 2013
Arts District

Triple The Arts Love In Loveland

Some of George Walbye's sculpture gathered for Sculpture In The Park
Carrie Saldo

Loveland will be teeming with art and artists August 9 – 11 as it prepares for three different events that compose Art Show Weekend.

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