Jim Hill

Digital Media Manager

I’m not a Colorado native (did you know that "I'm from Missouri" means "I'm skeptical of the matter and not easily convinced?") but I have lived here for most of my life and couldn't imagine leaving. After graduating from Colorado State University, I did what everyone wants to do; I moved to the mountains and skied, hiked, and hid from responsibility! Our listeners in the mountains may know me from my time in Steamboat Springs and Vail or as the voice of the Battle Mountain Huskies Hockey team in Vail.

I now call Denver home and I dig the easy access to the mountains as well as the live music, theater and pro & college hockey. When I am not enjoying any of the previous, I love to cook, work on improving my barbecue or constantly rediscover albums I forgot I had in an ever growing music collection.



Sat April 6, 2013
Swallow Hill Sessions

Grant Gordy Live @ Swallow Hill

Grant Gordy posted the marque for his farewell show to Twitter January 11, 2013
Grant Gordy Instagram

As Swallow Hill has said, "Musicians with the talent, perseverance and passion to develop a personal style that impacts a whole field of music only come along a few times a generation." Here's a chance to hear one as Grant Gordy plays Live @ Swallow Hill.

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Wed April 3, 2013

Citing Colorado As Example, Obama Speaks To National Gun Measures

Screencap of the President's speech at the Denver Police Academy on national gun measures, April 3, 2013
YouTube.com AP

Speaking Wednesday in Denver, President Obama used Colorado as an example to try to revive stalled gun legislation in Congress.

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Fri March 29, 2013

KUNC Experiencing Signal Issues On 88.7fm Yuma

Lead in text: 
Due to a technical issue we have had to stop transmitting from our Yuma translator at 88.7 FM. We are in the process of obtaining a different frequency for the Yuma translator. Please feel free to contact our Chief Engineer, Ken Broeffle, at ken.broeffle@kunc.org or 970-350-0811 with questions and concerns. We appreciate your support an patience. Update 4/18: Good news for our plains listeners: our three translators in Wray (93.5), Holyoke (90.5), and Ovid (89.1) have been restored. We are still working diligently on getting Yuma (88.7) back on the air. We appreciate your patience as we work on this issue.
Source: Kunc
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Thu March 28, 2013
Colorado Wonders

PHOTO: Ever Seen The Aurora Borealis Over Colorado?

A crew member aboard the International Space Station captured this night picture of the 'Norhern lights' over Colorado


Tue March 26, 2013

Colorado Death Penalty Repeal Struck Down In Committee

Sponsors of a bill to repeal the death penalty in Colorado, Claire Levy (D-Boulder) and Jovan Melton (D-Aurora) listen as the House Judiciary committee votes to kill the measure
Bente Birkeland