Jim Hill

Digital Media Manager

I’m not a Colorado native (did you know that "I'm from Missouri" means "I'm skeptical of the matter and not easily convinced?") but I have lived here for most of my life and couldn't imagine leaving. After graduating from Colorado State University, I did what everyone wants to do; I moved to the mountains and skied, hiked, and hid from responsibility! Our listeners in the mountains may know me from my time in Steamboat Springs and Vail or as the voice of the Battle Mountain Huskies Hockey team in Vail.

I now call Denver home and I dig the easy access to the mountains as well as the live music, theater and pro & college hockey. When I am not enjoying any of the previous, I love to cook, work on improving my barbecue or constantly rediscover albums I forgot I had in an ever growing music collection.



Thu September 8, 2011

Coverage of Obama's Speech begins at 5pm Tonight

Pete Souza Official White House Photo

KUNC's coverage of President Obama's address to a joint session of Congress will begin at 5pm tonight (7pm ET). We will join NPR News for special national coverage hosted by Robert Siegel. He will be joined in studio by NPR National Political Correspondent, Mara Liasson, and from the White House by NPR White House Correspondent, Scott Horsley. The speech is expected to last one hour and we will rejoin our regular schedule upon conclusion of the speech starting with The World.


Fri September 2, 2011
Lecture Series

Seminars at Steamboat: David M. Walker

Government Accountability Office

[Updated: 09/06/2011 - Audio of the 9/04 seminar is now available online.Tune in to KUNC this Sunday at 6pm as our lecture series, Seminars at Steamboat, concludes. This Sunday, David M. Walker, former United States Comptroller General, speaks on a topic at the top of everyone's mind: Restoring Fiscal Sanity.

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Mon August 29, 2011

Photo Show: Sweetheart Balloon Rally

Jim Hill

The Sweetheart Balloon Rally was August 26-28, 2011 at Fairgrounds Park in Loveland, CO. The rally started in the 80s and was resurrected in 2007 to celebrate the sweetheart city. If you missed it, don't worry, the Photo Show snapped some pics of this colorful event that drew plenty of screams of delight from children and some  'oohs' & 'aahs' from some of the bigger kids.

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Fri August 26, 2011
Lecture Series

Seminars at Steamboat: Zalmay Khalilzad

World Economic Forum / Creative Commons

[Updated: 08/29/2011 - Audio of the 8/28 seminar is now available online.Tune in to KUNC this Sunday at 6pm as our lecture series, Seminars at Steamboat continues. This Sunday, Zalmay Khalilzad, a counselor at the Center for Strategic and International Studies and president of Khalilzad Associates delivers his presentation entitled: 'Afghanistan and Iraq: An Insider's View'.

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Tue August 23, 2011

Tuna Fish & Peanut Butter: THANK YOU!

Shot of the crowd at the 25th Tuna Fish & Peanut Butter
Jim Hill KUNC

The 25th Annual Tuna Fish & Peanut Butter concert, sponsored by Associates in Family Medicine was a success! We took in 860 pounds of food donated and $3,043.32 in monetary contributions for both the Weld Food Bank & The Food Bank for Larimer County. THANK YOU!

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