Thu July 12, 2012

CSU Awarded Competitive Grant for Natural Gas Technology

The U-S Department of Energy is awarding Colorado State University a $700,000 grant for work on developing more consumer-friendly compressed natural gas (CNG) systems for passenger vehicles.

The CSU project aims to develop a system that would allow consumers to refuel their cars using any natural gas line. Current technology requires tanks to be able to withstand high pressures, making them either too large or too expensive for smaller vehicles.

A press release from Sen. Mark Udall’s office congratulates CSU on the award:

“Colorado is a leader in energy innovation and one of the nation’s top natural gas producers,” Udall said. “These competitive grant funds will help Colorado State University leverage one of our most abundant natural resources and take an important step toward making cheap, clean-burning compressed natural gas accessible to consumers.”

The grant is one of 13 similar projects seeking to expand the use of CNG as a consumer fuel.