Tue September 18, 2012
CO VOTE 2012

Denver Voters: Do You Ballot Trace?

If you're a mail ballot voter, the Denver Elections Division offers a program for tracking your ballot. It sounds a lot like ordering straight from Amazon in a lot of cases.

Ballot TRACE, which stands for Tracking, Reporting, And Communication Engine, is available for voters to register and track their ballot from printing, to home delivery, to return to the elections division. Our colleagues at Colorado Public Radio quoted division spokesman Alton Dillard about the program.

"One of the first questions and the most frequent questions we get from mail ballot voters is the question of “where’s my ballot” - so if people sign up for ballot trace, they can know where their ballot is in the process at all times."

In an age where you can order anything the heart desires from the internet and track it from manufacture to delivery, the system sounds pretty cool if you are the type that likes to keep tabs on things. The Denver Clerk and Recorder explain the program in depth on their website:

Ballot TRACE utilizes the Postal Service’s intelligent mail barcode technology to track a mail ballot envelope from the time it is printed, through every stage of the U.S. Postal System, and after it has been returned to the Denver Elections Division.

Ballot TRACE provides reports about the status of all mail ballots to election officials so that they can assure that ballots sent to voters are delivered in a timely fashion.

Details, plus an FAQ for the curious, are available at the Denver Office of the Clerk and Recorder's website, you can enroll in the program online as well.

You can also check your voter registration status online as well, head on over to GoVoteColorado.com to register or to verify/update.