Thu September 13, 2012

Paper or Plastic? Boulder Hopes Shoppers Opt for Reusable Instead

The city of Boulder is asking residents for feedback on a proposal to charge shoppers a 20-cent fee to use plastic or paper disposable bags at the grocery store. The goal is to get shoppers to switch to reusable bags.

"They’re looking at that rather than an outright ban of those bags," says Boulder County Business Report publisher Chris Wood. "This is all part of the city of Boulder’s Zero-Waste master plan, which aims to reduce the use of plastic and paper bags in the city."

Aspen is among towns that have adopted a similar fee.

According to the Daily Camera, several members of Boulder's Environmental Advisory Board say they're concerned about the impact on low-income residents.

The newspaper reports the Boulder city council wants to hear from those for and against the fee, and will accept public feedback until September 21st.  A vote on the measure would likely come later in the fall.

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