Thu December 23, 2010
The Two-Way

Purse Used In Bid To Stop Fla. School Board Gunman Raises $26K For Charity

Her bravery -- and her purse -- became famous last week when Panama City, Fla., school board member Ginger Littleton tried to whack the gun out of a man's hand as he waved it toward other members of the board.

Now, reports a Panama City TV station, "the Salvage Santa program, which was started 27 years ago by Mike Jones, is $26,200 richer this morning following a NewsChannel 7 eBay auction of the famous purse."

Mike Jones is the school security guard who shot gunman Clay Duke during the incident -- which ended when Duke killed himself. No one else was injured.

An anonymous eBay bidder paid $13,000 for the purse last night. That amount was matched by the Fairhaven, Mass., company that manufactured the bag.

Jones' Salvage Santa charity has a website here. It reconditions bikes and toys for kids. Copyright 2011 National Public Radio. To see more, visit http://www.npr.org/.