Tue May 31, 2011
Renewable Energy

Renewable Energy Conference Comes to Northern Colorado

Hundreds will come to Fort Collins later this week for the 14th Annual Colorado Renewable Energy Conference.

The three-day event will offer everything from professional development to talks on local, state and global initiatives. And it will highlight a few projects that may sound familiar to those in Northern Colorado. For example, the Colorado Clean Energy Cluster, which grew out of partnerships that started in area.

"That collaboration of government, private business, colleges and universities working together to take these steps to advance technologies in this arena is a very interesting thing to look at," says, Tony Frank, executive director of the Colorado Renewable Energy Society, which is organizing the conference.

Discussions will evaluate that effort, along with the Fort Collins Fort Zed project, a partnership that seeks to build a zero energy district. The event kicks off on Thursday and goes through Saturday. The last day is free and open to the public.

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