Sat August 18, 2012

Undergrads Support New CU Boulder Gun Ban

In an effort to keep guns off campus, the University of Colorado in Boulder has enacted a policy that prohibits  students from having guns in the dorms, even if the student has a conceal to carry permit.

The CU decision stems from a supreme court ruling last spring that said universities in Colorado can’t ban conceal carry permit holders from bringing guns to campus.

“The school can make its own rules because once you sign on to be a student you have to follow certain rules. And if I knew my roommate had a weapon, like even if I knew they weren't going to use it, what if someone were drinking or they came into the room or they found It,” said Elise O'Connel.

Elise O'Connel and Lauren McGee are juniors at CU and both agree with the school's decision.

Lauren McGee says, “I don't want to up the chance of a school shooting, and it’s like under what circumstances would it be necessary to have a gun in your room?”

But Mountain States Legal Foundation Attorney James Manley told the Boulder Daily Camera that he is reviewing the decision and may ask a judge to rule on the university's new policy. 

Colorado State University also has a similar ban on any guns in their dorms.

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