Mon December 27, 2010
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VIDEO: 20 Hours Of The Blizzard In 40 Seconds

Originally published on Wed May 23, 2012 10:37 am

A few folks may remember this blogger's fascination with the snow piling up in his northern Virginia backyard last February.

Well, a New Jersey guy named Michael Black did a much better job over the weekend tracking the snow as it piled up on his patio furniture. Check out this "20 hours in 40 seconds" time lapse photo sequence he put together:

(H/T Gawker)

Meanwhile, rough weather and the aftereffects of the weekend blizzard that hit much of the East Coast and New England continue to cause big problems -- "stranding thousands of holiday travelers and snarling morning commutes."

Here's a photo gallery as well to help tell the story of this weekend's big storm:

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