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Thu October 20, 2011

Gadhafi: An Iron-Fisted, Often-Brutal Leader

Gadhafi ruled Libya for more than four decades with an iron fist. Gadhafi was a complex, often brutal leader with a grand vision of himself — one he displayed up until the final moments of his leadership.


Thu October 20, 2011

Fairy-Tale Adaptations: It's Ever After, All Right

Seeds Of Change: Once Upon A Time's Regina (Lana Parilla) has an apple (or six) with Snow White's name on it. The ABC show — which transports the population of the Enchanted Forest into modern-day Maine — is one of two new network dramas that put a new twist on old tales.

Jack Rowand ABC


Thu October 20, 2011

Interior Secretary Touts Conservation Plan

Interior Secretary Ken Salazar spoke about the initiative earlier this year at a dedication ceremony for a new visitor center at the Rocky Mountain Arsenal Wildlife Refuge in Commerce City.
Photo by Kirk Siegler

Interior Secretary Ken Salazar formally rolled out the Obama Administration’s ambitious conservation initiative Thursday that identifies 100 priority land protection projects in 50 states.

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Thu October 20, 2011

Cutbacks to Heating Assistance for Low-Income Coloradans

Fewer low-income families in Colorado will qualify for help with their heating bills this winter. Uncertainty over the program’s federal funding is forcing the Low-Income Energy Assistance Program to cut back on its clients.

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Thu October 20, 2011
Planet Money

What If We Paid Off The Debt? The Secret Government Report

Originally published on Fri October 21, 2011 7:14 pm

This Feb. 1, 2010, file photo shows the National Debt Clock in New York.

Mark Lennihan AP

Planet Money has obtained a secret government report outlining what once looked like a potential crisis: The possibility that the U.S. government might pay off its entire debt.

It sounds ridiculous today. But not so long ago, the prospect of a debt-free U.S. was seen as a real possibility with the potential to upset the global financial system.

We recently obtained the report through a Freedom of Information Act Request. You can read the whole thing here. (It's a PDF.)

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