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Fri July 29, 2011

Songs For The Delivery Room: One Woman's Playlist

Alison MacAdam with her son, Abe, about eight months after she put this mix to use.
Courtesy of the MacAdam family

Pregnant? Making a mixtape to accompany your labor is not likely your first consideration. It certainly wasn't mine back in the snowy winter of 2010. But many hospitals and birth centers promise you CD players or even iPod docks in the delivery room. Medical professionals encourage you to bring music to help you bear the experience.

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Fri July 29, 2011
NPR Story

After Debt Vote Delay, What's Next?

NPR's David Welna talks to Robert Siegel about what could happen in the Senate given the delay taking place in the House.


Thu July 28, 2011
Around the Nation

Military Spouses Face Especially Grim Job Prospects

Stephanie Davis, shown with her husband, 2nd Lt. Charles Davis, says even though she's a special education teacher with two master's degrees, she's had trouble finding a job near Fort Hood in Texas.
Courtesy of Stephanie Davis

Second in a three-part series

In this economy, who in their right mind would quit their job and move to a new city where they don't have any contacts? That's exactly what thousands of military spouses do each year. They don't have a choice.

Stephanie Davis thought she had picked a field that would be portable: teaching.

"And I really loved it," says Davis. "I was at a great school, great district."

That is, until last year when her husband, 2nd Lt. Charles Davis, an Army officer, got orders to transfer to Fort Hood in Texas.

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Thu July 28, 2011
Movie Reviews

A Frantic, Nonstop Chase At 'Point Blank' Range

En Pointe: Nurse-trainee Samuel (Gilles Lellouche) is on the run for much of Point Blank, which finds him outmaneuvering (and eventually succumbing to) bad guys as a consequence of saving a mysterious man's life.
Magnolia Pictures

Mid-summer is a time when movie audiences crave action. And that's no truer of the multiplex than it is at the art house, where Point Blank, a new thriller from France (no relation to the Lee Marvin/John Boorman crime picture from 1967) opens — quite literally — with a bang. It's the crash of a man who, clutching his bleeding stomach, smashes through a door into the wall of a metal staircase. And it's followed by another crash seconds later, when two men with guns smash through the door after him.

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Thu July 28, 2011
National Security

Army: AWOL Soldier Was Planning Fort Hood Attack

Robert Siegel talks with reporter Matt Largey of member station KUT about the arrest of an AWOL Army private named Naser Jason Abdo for threatening a terrorist attack on Fort Hood in Texas.