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Mon July 25, 2011
NPR Story

An Asylum-Seeker Stretches The Truth For A Better Life

Robert Siegel interviews writer Suketu Mehta, about his recent article in The New Yorker magazine called "The Asylum Seeker." Mehta follows Caroline, an African immigrant who applies for asylum in the United States. She embellishes her story, saying she had been raped in her home country to make her request for asylum more compelling.


Mon July 25, 2011
Culture And Traditions

Circumcision: Age-Old Rite Faces Modern Concerns

Ross and Susanna 2
Barbara Bradley Hagerty NPR

For many couples, having a baby is a spiritual experience. For Jews, there's another, religious, element that is intrinsic to the Jewish identity. Nearly all Jewish parents have their baby boys circumcised, as commanded by God in the Bible. And yet, for some Jewish couples, whether to circumcise or not is becoming an agonizing decision.

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Mon July 25, 2011
Rental markets

Apartment Vacancies Hit New Ten-year Low

CO Division of Housing

State housing officials say median rents in the Denver metro area are rising slightly, as apartment vacancies drop to a new ten-year low.

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Mon July 25, 2011
Health and Environment

New Study Affirms Colorado’s Poorest Populations Die Younger

Residents participate in organized daily exercises at a retirement community. A new study shows a direct correlation between wealth and longevity in Colorado.
Flip Schulke/The National Archives

Colorado’s lowest life expectancies often occur in the counties with the highest poverty rates, according to a recent study by the University of Washington and U.S. Census data.

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Sun July 24, 2011
Author Interviews

Yo, Bro! Belly Up To The Bar And Recite 'Broetry'

Bros like beer and sports. But poetry?

"Broetry is poetry for dudes," Brian McGackin writes in the introduction to his new collection of poems. "It's poetry for people who don't like poetry."

The slim volume draws inspiration from non-broets, McGackin tells Guy Raz, host of weekends on All Things Considered. Even the cover poem mirrors the famous William Carlos Williams work "This is Just to Say;" which Williams wrote as a sort-of refrigerator note to his spouse, apologizing for eating plums left in their icebox.

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