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Thu July 7, 2011

Environmental Group Sues BLM Over Caving Permits

This bat is affected by White Nose Syndrome, a deadly virus that has killed more than 1 million on the East Coast.
Greg Turner/Kentucky Dept. of Fish and Wildlife Resources

Attitudes about how best to protect Colorado bats from the spread of a deadly fungus is sparking debate and litigation. On Wednesday, the nonprofit Center for Biological Diversity filed a lawsuit against the Bureau of Land Management. The issue stems from permits the agency plans to issue to recreational cavers during a national convention later this month in Glenwood Springs.

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Thu July 7, 2011
Obesity study

Colorado Ranked Leanest State, but Obesity Still Troubles Health Officials

Nolan O'Brien Flickr

A new study ranks Colorado as the least obese state in the nation.  But the good news is tempered by obesity rates that have been rising nationwide.

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Thu July 7, 2011
Books We Like

G.R.R. Martin's Complex Epic For An Ambivalent Age

In 2005 I wrote a review of George R. R. Martin's novel, A Feast for Crows, in which I called him "the American Tolkien." That phrase has stuck to him, which is what I meant it to do. I think Martin's fantasy series A Song of Ice and Fire is the great epic of our era. It's an epic for a more profane, more sardonic, more ambivalent age than the one Tolkien lived in. Tolkien was a veteran of the Somme, and wrote during Word War II, when it really seemed like the fate of civilization was hanging in the balance. Now we can't even agree on what civilization is.

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Wed July 6, 2011

Colorado Senators Agree on Debt Debate

Google Images

Progress in Washington on the debt limit discussion is achingly slow, but Colorado’s Senators agree on the solution.

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Wed July 6, 2011
Music Reviews

James Farm: Jazz Heavyweights Band Together

James Farm combines the talents of four in-demand jazz musicians: Matt Penman (from left), Joshua Redman, Aaron Parks, Eric Harland.
Jimmy Katz

In 2009, four busy jazz musicians — saxophonist Joshua Redman, pianist Aaron Parks, bassist Matt Penman and drummer Eric Harland — gathered on a rare off day to see what they might cook up together. Out of that came a band they call James Farm, and an album of the same name.

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