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Sat July 9, 2011
Author Interviews

The Troubled History Of The Supermarket Tomato

A worker inspects tomatoes at the West Coast Tomato plant in Palmetto, Fla. The Sunshine State produces one-third of all fresh tomatoes in the U.S.
Robert Browman Getty Images

Supermarket tomatoes may look delicious — smooth, red and unblemished — but for the most part, they taste like nothing at all.

"I think tomatoes in grocery stores are like food porn in the purest sense of the word," author Barry Estabrook tells Weekends on All Things Considered host Guy Raz. "They tantalize you, they make you think, but they don't deliver."

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Fri July 8, 2011

Former First Lady Betty Ford Dies At 93

Former first lady Betty Ford has died at the age of 93.

During her life she helped change the way Americans think and talk about breast cancer, women's rights and substance abuse.

But, before she became a first lady, an advocate for women's rights and an inspiration to people struggling with addiction, Betty Ford was a dancer.

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Fri July 8, 2011
The End Of The Space Shuttle Era

From The Movies, Lessons On Privatizing Outer Space

Hollywood history is littered with cautionary tales about corporate takeovers of outer space, but in 2001: A Space Odyssey, things looked oddly familiar: Interstellar travelers flew Pan Am and stayed in Hilton hotels.

During the space race in the 1960s, only governments had deep enough pockets to send humans into orbit. Now, with many of the world's governments in hock up to their eyeballs and NASA's space shuttle going into retirement, commercial ventures are poised to pick up where the shuttle leaves off.

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Fri July 8, 2011

Will There Be A New Venue For National Western Stock Show? CIO Debates

The Annual Denver Western Stock Show may be moving from its current venue in Denver. It’s one of the topics our media partners at Colorado Public Television and "Colorado Inside Out" are taking about.


Fri July 8, 2011
NPR Story

Obama Tries To Put Good Face On Bad Job Numbers

The White House tried to put as good a face as possible on bad jobs numbers: The private sector added 57,000 jobs in June. Republicans jumped right in and said no "job killing" tax hikes. Did threading the needle get even more complicated?