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Fri May 20, 2011

Off-Screen Controversy Threatens Cannes Festival

The Cannes Film Festival comes to an end this weekend. Woody Allen, Lars von Trier and Terrence Malick debuted new films. But controversy off the screen threatened to overshadow the glitzy French event. For more, Michele Norris talks with Los Angeles Times journalist Steven Zeitchik.


Fri May 20, 2011

Week In Politics: Middle East Peace; Deficit

Robert Siegel reviews the week in politics with our regular commentators E.J. Dionne of The Washington Post and Brookings Institution, and David Brooks of The New York Times.


Fri May 20, 2011
Colorado Inside Out

Reaction to Education Tax Proposal Mixed

Raj Chohan

Funding for K-12 Education took a sizeable hit during this year’s legislative session. Colorado ranks 44th in the nation for per-pupil funding and at least one state lawmaker is proposing a tax proposal to help out. But reaction to the idea is mixed. It’s what our media partners at Colorado Inside Out are talking about.


Fri May 20, 2011
Monkey See

How NBC's 'The Voice' Is The Anti-'American Idol'

Justin Grennen looks on as Carson Daly signals a recent victory for Beverly McClellen on NBC's The Voice.
Lewis Jacobs NBC

If you're a reality TV snob, maybe you think one hyped-up singing competition is just like any other.

But from the start, NBC's The Voice seems built as an answer to complaints about American Idol. And now they have emerged as mirror images of each other.

One of the biggest knocks on Idol is that great singers lose if they don't have an Idol-extruded generic popularity. Even the show's judges lamented the early departure of one of Idol's best singers this year, the charisma-challenged Pia Toscano.

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Thu May 19, 2011

Colorado Officials Scramble to Contain Equine Virus

At this quarantined horse training facility near Denver, handlers are required to wear rubber gloves.
Photo by Kirk Siegler

A deadly virus is spreading among horses in the western United States and parts of Canada.  The highly contagious Equine Herpes Virus-1 isn’t a threat to humans.  But it spreads easily among horses and even llamas and alpacas.  So far, it’s caused scores of horse owners to quarantine their animals.  And as KUNC's Kirk Siegler reports, it’s also forced the cancelations of horse shows and competitions in Colorado and other states.

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