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Fri May 6, 2011

Industry Troubles? Free Comic Books To The Rescue!

For comic book fans around the world, the first Saturday of May marks an annual holiday — Free Comic Book Day. Started by a small shop in California, the event has spread around the world as a way of thanking customers and encouraging new ones.

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Fri May 6, 2011
Hidden World Of Girls

A Termite Queen And Her Ultimate Sacrifice

Hidden away in a towering, castle-like mound on an African savannah lives the termite queen. There, isolated in an earthen capsule, she lays over a quarter-of-a-billion eggs in her lifetime.

"The concept of the queen was basically named by early colonial naturalists," says writer Lisa Margonelli, who has been studying the mysteries of the termites. "When they dug through the termite mound and found this large female figure pumping out eggs they said, 'Well, that's the queen and she must be in charge.'"

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Fri May 6, 2011
The Picture Show

The Perilous Job Of Conflict Photography

The journalists who cover war make up a tight-knit community. And they say they are still sifting through their emotions in the wake of the deaths last month of two experienced colleagues, Chris Hondros and Tim Hetherington, who were killed documenting the uprising in eastern Libya.

The dangers weigh heavily. So, too, does the knowledge that no story or photo is worth a life. But an assignment involves an adventure and a paycheck.

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Thu May 5, 2011
Colorado Wildfires

BLM Lifts Fire Restrictions in Northern Colorado

Colorado State Forest Service

Citing decreased danger in northern and eastern Colorado, the Bureau of Land Management has lifted fire restrictions on its lands in Boulder, Gilpin, Larimer, Lincoln, Logan, Morgan, Sedgwick, Washington, Weld and Yuma counties.

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Thu May 5, 2011

Colorado Oil Shale History Scrutinized

Shell Oil runs an experimental oil shale development site in remote northwest Colorado.
Photo by Kirk Siegler

In Cheyenne Thursday, federal land managers are wrapping up their final public meeting on a proposed plan that is expected to map out the future of oil shale mining on public lands.  The Bureau of Land Management is taking what it calls a “fresh look” at the energy resource in Wyoming, Utah and Colorado, as the Obama Administration considers shelving a controversial Bush Administration plan that opened up nearly two million acres of land for potential leasing.  The agency will now begin writing what’s expected to be another exhaustive study and that’s reopening an ages-old debate.

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