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Mon March 12, 2012
Around the Nation

Indiana School Teaches Test Prep As Literary Genre



In this country, many American kids are preparing for standardized tests. They're among the rites of spring and they cause a lot of stress. One Indiana school tries to manage that stress by obsessing over the test a little less. Rather than teaching every single thing on the test, they just teach how to take one. Here's Kyle Stokes of NPR member station WFIU.

KYLE STOKES, BYLINE: Quick - name the literary genres you learned about in school.

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Sun March 11, 2012

Capitol Conversation: Where Things Stand at Session Mid-Point

Patrick Malone-Pueblo Chieftain (left) Ivan Moreno-Associated Press (right).
Bente Birkeland

The state’s legislative session is half over, and leaders in both parties are taking stock of where things stand and what’s left. Not surprisingly Republicans and Democrats have very different takes on how well the session is progressing.

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Fri March 9, 2012

Lawmaker Wants Drug Testing for Welfare Recipients

The state of Colorado is considering a bill that would require people applying for public welfare to take a drug test in order to receive their monthly benefits. Similar measures have been proposed by states across the country, even though the practice has often been challenged in the courts.

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Fri March 9, 2012
Arts & Culture

KUNC Entertainment Report

So much great music, art (it *is* second Friday, after all), and more up and down Colorado's Front Range.

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Fri March 9, 2012
Around the Nation

Oregon Man Stopped For Speeding 3 Times In 1 Hour

When Oregon police stopped Jose Romeo-Valenzuela the first time, he was driving 105 mph. The second time he was driving 98 mph. And the third time, 92 mph. He faces $2,000 in tickets. He was trying to get to court to face drug possession charges.