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Fri December 2, 2011
National Security

Defense Bill Requires Military To Hold Terror Suspects

The Senate has passed a defense policy bill that includes controversial provisions requiring terrorism suspects be held in military rather than civilian custody. President Obama has threatened a veto.


Thu December 1, 2011
Movie Interviews

Harvey Weinstein On Hollywood's Heated Oscar Race

Originally published on Fri December 2, 2011 9:30 am

Producer Harvey Weinstein says Oscar wins can give film studios and financiers "the confidence to make daring movies and not do the same old you-know-what." He is shown above arriving at the Academy Awards in Los Angeles in February 2009.
Frazer Harrison Getty Images

If you think the presidential campaigns are heating up, visit Hollywood — where campaigns of a different sort are kicking into overdrive. It's Oscar season, and studios are orchestrating a blitz of interviews, ads and billboards in an attempt to influence academy voters.

If this season has a commander in chief, it's producer Harvey Weinstein. He is credited with inventing the modern Oscar campaign — famously beating out Saving Private Ryan for best picture with Shakespeare in Love.

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Thu December 1, 2011

Colorado Springs Enacts Drilling Moratorium

city of Colorado Springs

The Colorado Springs city council has unanimously passed an emergency ordinance banning oil and gas drilling while officials review whether existing laws need to be tightened to protect groundwater and other resources.

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Thu December 1, 2011
Holiday Retail

Don't Get Hooked by Phishing this Holiday Season

Consumers are urged to be leery of emails or texts claiming there is a problem with their financial accounts.
Erin O'Toole

This year on Cyber Monday, retail and banking officials are urging online shoppers to be especially wary between now and the end of the year.

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Thu December 1, 2011
Business Report

Oil and Gas Boom Takes Toll on Colorado's Rural Roads

Weld County and many of its communities are enjoying a windfall thanks to the oil-and-gas boom over the last couple years. KUNC’s Erin O’Toole talks with Jeff Nuttall, publisher of the Northern Colorado Business Report, about some of the impacts from the boom.

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