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Thu October 20, 2011
Around the Nation

Giant Cell Phone Bill Shocks Florida Woman

Celina Aarons' deaf brother communicates via text message. She usually pays about $175 a month for his cellphone. But when he went to Canada without an international plan, the bill was more than $200,000. A Miami TV station intervened, and now T-Mobile says Aarons only owes $2,500. She has six months to pay.


Thu October 20, 2011

Forget The Tux, Little Blue Penguins Need Sweaters

The Little Blue Penguins off the coast of New Zealand are in trouble, and they need sweaters to save them. The birds are being rescued from a big oil spill. The sweaters keep the penguins from preening. That way they don't ingest the oil.


Thu October 20, 2011

World Series Opener: Cards Beat Rangers 3-2

The St. Louis Cardinals won the first game of the World Series Wednesday night. On a chilly, wet evening in St. Louis, the Cards scratched out a 3-2 win over the Texas Rangers. It was a dramatic, hard-fought beginning to what promises to be a close series.


Thu October 20, 2011
NPR Story

Clinton To Meet Afghan President Karzai

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton arrived in Afghanistan yesterday on an unannounced visit to encourage the country's leadership to keep up reconciliation efforts with the Taliban. Today she's meeting with Afghan President Hamid Karzai.


Thu October 20, 2011

European Leaders Try To Keep Debt Crisis From Spreading

Originally published on Thu October 20, 2011 9:50 am



More demonstrations are being staged today in Greece as its parliament votes on another round of stinging austerity measures. Yesterday's protests ended in vicious street battles between police and protesters. Meanwhile, European leaders seem deadlocked on plans to stop the Greek debt crisis from spilling into the rest of the eurozone. NPR's Sylvia Poggioli joins us on the line from Athens.

And, Sylvia, how are people reacting to yesterday's turmoil and clashes over these austerity measures?

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