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Thu October 6, 2011
Author Interviews

'Gardener' Gives 'Heirloom Life' To Forgotten Flora

Yokohama squash was first introduced to North America around 1860 by James Hogg of Yorkville, N.Y. after his brother, Thomas, sent him the seeds from Japan.

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The Yokohama squash was first introduced to North America around 1860 by James Hogg of Yorkville, N.Y. after his brother, Thomas, sent him the seeds from Japan.

Jeremiah C. Gettle and Emilee Freie Gettle Baker Creek Heirloom Seed Co. LLC

As a child growing up on his family's farm in the 1980s, Jere Gettle didn't spend his evenings watching TV; instead, he read seed catalogs. To him, the endless varieties of seeds with exotic sounding names were full of possibility. He loved the idea of planting them in the ground, tending the crops that grew from them and preparing the harvested vegetables for a family meal.

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Thu October 6, 2011

'Occupy Denver' Protests Continue Downtown

"Occupy Denver" protests have been drawing modest crowds to Civic Center Park.
Photo by Kirk Siegler

Cities across the country - including Denver -  are holding smaller “Occupy Wall Street” events mirroring the larger New York City protests which began last month.

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Thu October 6, 2011

Gov. Hickenlooper Visits Fort Collins, Stresses Entrepreneurship

Grace Hood

Governor John Hickenlooper swung through Northern Colorado today in what he’s calling a “follow up” to his economic blueprint plan. The blueprint came after Hickenlooper solicited feedback from business leaders in all 64 Colorado counties in his "bottom up" economic development process. It includes six specific goals, including efforts to recruit and retain more businesses.

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Thu October 6, 2011

Boulder Looks for Solutions to Clean Energy Loan Impasse

Boulder County Commissioner Will Toor helped develop the county's local PACE effort dubbed the "Climate Smart Loan Program"
Photo by Kirk Siegler

As part of our series examining the roadblocks in front of clean energy last year, we told you about a popular clean energy loan program in Boulder County that had been abruptly halted as a result of actions by Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac.  The two mortgage giants had suddenly declared they would not buy home mortgages with so called “PACE” loans attached to them.  But a recent court ruling in California might change that, if Congress doesn’t act even sooner. 



Thu October 6, 2011

Obama To Congress: Make Jobs Proposal Top Priority

Originally published on Thu October 6, 2011 10:19 am



President Obama sought this morning to put his proposal to create American jobs at the top of Congress' to-do list. The president has traveled the country in recent weeks, trying to rally public support for his $447 billion plan. And today, he held a press conference at the White House.

PRESIDENT BARACK OBAMA: And the reason I keep going around the country talking about this jobs bill is because people really need help right now. Our economy really needs a jolt right now.

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