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Tue September 27, 2011

President Picks Strategic Location for Denver Stop

Creative Commons

President Obama got a mostly warm reception in southwest Denver on Tuesday where he spoke to a crowd of students and many supporters at Abraham Lincoln High School.  Many analysts and even residents of the predominately Latino neighborhoods around the school saw the choice as strategic.

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Tue September 27, 2011

Senate President Calls for Emergency Audit of Online K-12 Schools

Colorado lawmakers are directing auditors to map out how they would assess the state’s online K-12 schools. Democratic Senate President Brandon Shaffer is expressing concerns over student failure rates at the schools.

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Tue September 27, 2011
Strange News

Cheeseheads Take Issue With Anti-Cheese Billboard

A billboard went up near the Green Bay Packers' stadium showing the grim reaper decked out in a cheesehead hat. A physicians group promoting vegan diets says its new ad simply points out that cheese can be unhealthy. Green Bay's mayor says this is silly. As he put it, "We love our cheeseheads and we love our cheese."


Tue September 27, 2011

Living Or Dead, Who Belongs On A U.S. Stamp?

Until Monday, only people who had been dead for at least five years could appear on U.S. postage stamps. It was, in that way, a little like becoming a saint. But now the Postal Service is inviting suggestions for living people who deserve to be on a stamp. People can submit their ideas through Facebook and Twitter — and, of course, by mail.It's Morning Edition.


Tue September 27, 2011

President Obama To Tout Jobs Bill in Denver

President Obama campaigned extensively and won handily in Colorado in 2008.
Photo by Kirk Siegler

President Obama will visit a southwest Denver high school later today to promote his jobs bill which includes millions of dollars for fixing up and modernizing schools across the country.  The visit caps off a three-day swing through western states that the President carried in 2008.

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