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Mon August 8, 2011
Middle East

World's Tallest Building To Be Built In Saudi Arabia

Kingdom Holding Company plans to finish the world's tallest building in Jiddah, Saudi Arabia. It would dwarf the Empire State Building and the current record holder which is in Dubai. The new building would climb 3,200 feet into the air but the developer did not say exactly when construction starts.


Mon August 8, 2011
Around the Nation

Pioneer Preacher Smith Remembered In Deadwood

South Dakota is home to one of the most recognizable monuments in the world: Mount Rushmore. But there are dozens of other lesser known physical testimonies to men and women across the state. As part of our summer road trip series, "Honey Stop The Car!," reporter Jim Kent takes us to Deadwood, where there's a tribute to a preacher who didn't live long in that Wild West town.


Mon August 8, 2011

Japan Rethinks Its Relationship With The Atom

Over the weekend, Japan commemorated the 66th anniversary of the American bombing of Hiroshima. Some used the event to protest nuclear energy. This spring's massive earthquake caused a meltdown at a nuclear plant north of Tokyo. The recent disaster has many Japanese re-thinking their nation's relationship with nuclear energy.


Mon August 8, 2011

Asian Markets Slide On U.S. Credit Downgrade

Originally published on Mon August 8, 2011 6:23 am



Let's stay now with the economic fallout from the downgrade of the U.S. credit rating as well as troubled economies in Europe. That's caused markets in Asia to plunge today. NPR's Anthony Kuhn joins us from Jakarta, Indonesia to talk about all of this. And Anthony, how bad is the carnage on those Asian markets?

ANTHONY KUHN: Well, stock markets in the region are down about two to five percent, which means billions of value were wiped off of them. That's on top of last week, which saw the biggest rout in Asian stock since 2008.

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Mon August 8, 2011

Economists Share Thoughts On Credit Downgrade

Turmoil in the financial markets has coincided with an annual fishing trip for economists and top executives deep in the woods of Maine near the Canadian border. While the economists were together, Standard and Poor's took the unprecedented step of downgrading the U.S. government's credit rating.

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