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Sun August 7, 2011
The Picture Show

Little Pictures, Big Lives: Snapshots Of American Artists

Originally published on Wed May 23, 2012 9:35 am

Aline Saarinen taking a photograph, circa 1955
Archives of American Art/Smithsonian Institution.

Whether you're on vacation or stay-cation this summer, chances are you're taking pictures. Smartphones make picture-taking easier and more popular than ever. But in earlier years, photography was more of an event. At the Smithsonian's Archives of American Art, an exhibition called "Little Pictures, Big Lives" shows snapshots from the 1920s through the '60s. And many of the people in these photos happen to be some of this country's greatest artists.

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Sun August 7, 2011

A Year Later, Chilean Miners Sift Through Trauma

A year ago, most of the world had never heard of Copiapo, Chile, nor given much attention to the lives of the miners who went down into its copper mines daily. That was until Aug. 5, 2010, when a cave-in at the San Jose copper mine trapped 33 men more than 2,000 feet underground.

Once the Chilean government knew the men were alive, they focused on a massive rescue effort, and after 69 days, the men ascended as celebrities of sorts. A year on, the movie rights have been sold, but fame has not brought the fortune they expected.

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Sun August 7, 2011
Living Large: Obesity In America

Big, Fat Stereotypes Play Out On The Small Screen

Originally published on Wed August 1, 2012 5:00 pm

Jackie Gleason (right) played Ralph Kramden — a bumbling but loveable overweight husband — in the 1950s sitcom The Honeymooners. Audrey Meadows co-starred as his wife, Alice.
Paramount Pictures Getty Images

Part of an ongoing series on obesity in America.

About the only thing all real fat people have in common is that they weigh more. Beyond that, they are as diverse in style, background and personality as people who aren't overweight. But on the small screen, fat people get shrunk into the same stereotypes.

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Sun August 7, 2011
All Songs Considered Blog

The Vaccines Make A Music Video With Your Concert Photos

Courtesy of the artist

The Vaccines, a London-based indie rock band with a retro sound, are partnering up with popular photo app Instagram to make a crowdsourced music video for their song "Wetsuit." They're asking fans to share photos from the band's summer tour using the app on their smartphones.

Vaccines guitarist Freddie Cowan, guitarist for The Vaccines, says he's already seen a huge response: "Pictures of people on their campsites and people covered in mud in England or people in the sun in Europe. And candid shots of us."

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Fri August 5, 2011

Pinnacol Withdraws as State Employee Claims Administrator


The embattled state-owned workers' compensation insurer of last resort has withdrawn as the administrator of state employee claims, forcing Colorado to hire an independent contractor.

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