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Wed August 3, 2011

FAA Operations Up In The Air Amid Shutdown

Originally published on Wed August 3, 2011 11:42 am

A fence secures the perimeter of a half-completed 236-foot FAA control tower at Oakland International Airport. Construction has been halted because of the FAA shutdown.
Justin Sullivan Getty Images

A partial shutdown of the Federal Aviation Administration, prompted by a political dispute, is adding to the country's debt. This month alone, that shutdown will cost the Treasury $1 billion in uncollected airline ticket taxes.

The shutdown is happening because of a labor dispute, a long-standing rivalry and a disagreement over subsidizing small airports. It's not clear when it will all be resolved now that members of Congress are leaving Washington, D.C., for their summer recess.

NPR's Renee Montagne talks to NPR's Brian Naylor about what's behind the standoff.

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Wed August 3, 2011

Thirsty Cities, Dry Farms: Part One

Empty irrigation equipment in Crowley County.
Megan Verlee

Every time someone in a Front Range city turns on the tap, the water flowing out has a history.  Much of it used to go to irrigate thriving farms and support communities on the Eastern Plains.  As cities flourish, parts of rural Colorado are drying up.  Colorado Public Radio’s Megan Verlee has the first of two reports on how people are trying to change that story.


Wed August 3, 2011

Sen. Reid Issues Warning To GOP On Taxes

Steve Inskeep reports on Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid's remarks about possible taxes in an interview on Tuesday's All Things Considered.


Wed August 3, 2011

Woman Treks The Appalachian In Record 46 Days

People sometimes spend six months hiking the Appalachian trail, but Jennifer Pharr Davis hiked the whole thing in record time: from Maine to Georgia in just under 46 1/2 days, beating the old record by about a day. She walked more than 2,000 miles, about 47 miles per day — and spotted 36 bears.


Wed August 3, 2011
Strange News

Jordan's King Funds Star Trek Theme Park

Longtime fan King Abdullah II is putting up $1.5 billion for the Star Trek-themed park, beckoning fellow Trekkies to a place where few have gone before: a town on the Red Sea. It's a new frontier for a king who's actually been on board the starship USS Voyager — during a cameo on the show in the '90s.