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Tue July 12, 2011

The RSC In NYC: 41 Actors, Five Plays, Six Weeks

A scene from the Royal Shakespeare Company's production of As You Like It in their specially constructed theater at the Park Avenue Armory in New York City.
Stephanie Berger

Right now, in New York City, one of the world's finest theater ensembles is putting on a repertory season of five Shakespeare plays. England's Royal Shakespeare Company – the RSC – has brought 41 actors, along with a replica of their main theater, and put it smack in the middle of the Park Avenue Armory.

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Tue July 12, 2011
Author Interviews

The 'Line In The Sand' Dividing The U.S. And Mexico

Two armed American border guards confront a group of immigrants attempting to cross illegally from Mexico into the United States in 1948. In A Line in the Sand, Rachel St. John traces the history of the U.S.-Mexico border.
Keystone Getty Images

Much of America as we know it evolved in the 19th century, as we'll explore in a series of three conversations this week with writers who seek out new ways to understand old events.

It's easy to define the squiggly border between Mexico and Texas: It's determined by the Rio Grande river. But the rest of the U.S.-Mexico border is not so obvious — the straight lines are drawn seemingly at random across mountains and deserts.

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Mon July 11, 2011

New Report Says U.S. Can Wean Itself from Foreign Oil; Conservationists Cry Foul

google images

A new report finds that within the next decade, the American West has the chance to produce as much oil and natural gas as the U.S. currently imports from other countries. But, energy advocates say there are some challenges.

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Mon July 11, 2011

Obama Says No Short-Term Deal On Federal Debt

As talks resumed Monday after a weekend of no progress with congressional leaders, President Obama insisted that now is the time for a far-reaching deal on the federal debt. He warned that the U.S. will default on its debts if a deal is not struck soon, and said he will not sign a proposed short-term deal that would postpone the reckoning. Steve Inskeep talks with NPR's Ari Shapiro about Obama's news conference.


Mon July 11, 2011
State Politics

Congressional Challenges Begin in Colorado

Incumbent Republican Congressman Scott Tipton of CD 3, Cory Gardner of CD 4, and Mike Coffman of CD 6 currently have Democratic challengers for their 2012 reelection races.
Photo by Jody Hope Strogoff The Colorado Statesman

We’re still 16 months way from the 2012 election. But this is the prime time for challengers to begin their campaigns - which is exactly what three Democrats have done recently for state congressional seats.

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