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Tue May 31, 2011

5 Years Later: Heat, Mavericks Meet Again In NBA Finals

Renee Montagne talks with NPR's Mike Pesca about the NBA Finals, which start Tuesday night. The Miami Heat takes on the Dallas Mavericks.


Tue May 31, 2011

Business News

Mary Louise Kelly has business news.


Tue May 31, 2011
Movie Interviews

Shabana Azmi, Acting On Her Convictions

Identity Crisis: Shabana Azmi stars in playwright Girish Karnad's Kennedy Center production of Broken Images, about a Hindu short-story writer who wonders if she's betrayed her language and identity by writing an English best-seller.
Courtesy of the Kennedy Center

In a typical Bollywood dance number, a beauty queen might be seen singing in the rain as she awaits her lover's return. The leading lady is known for her beauty, her dance skills and her ability to deliver a convincing lip sync.

But Shabana Azmi is not your typical Indian movie star.

Yes, she's beautiful and she'll do the mainstream dance numbers — but during her 40 years in cinema, Azmi has also portrayed women fighting for a place in Indian society.

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Mon May 30, 2011
NPR Story

Study: Revamp Workday To Combat Obesity Problem

A new study suggests that efforts to address the obesity epidemic should include dramatically changing the workday. Some are already dong so, using treadmill desks at work to burn calories. And in Portland, Ore., city officials are trying to get desk-bound workers up and about.


Mon May 30, 2011

Boulder Residents Asked to Weigh in on Energy Future

City of Boulder

Boulder’s Energy Future Project is asking residents to weigh in on the how the city will get its power in the coming years. 

A “Know Your Power” forum will be held this week, at which residents can learn about several options for future energy use.  Sarah Huntley is a spokeswoman for the City of Boulder.  She says this comes after the Boulder City Council, last year, decided not to sign a new 20-year agreement with Xcel Energy.

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