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Tue May 24, 2011
Krulwich Wonders…

Nature's Secret: Why Honey Bees Are Better Politicians Than Humans

Originally published on Tue October 23, 2012 2:49 pm

Adam Cole NPR

In the spring, bee hives get so rich with honey, so crowded with baby bees, they often burst in two. Some bees stay in the original nest with a new queen, but a second group, led by the old queen, heads off to establish a new home. If there's a cloud of bees hanging by a tree branch in your back yard, that's them — the house hunters.

How do they choose a new home?

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Mon May 23, 2011

Lawsuit Seeks to Overturn Colorado Tax Law

A lawsuit that seeks to overturn Colorado’s strict tax and spending laws was filed Monday in federal court in Denver.

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Mon May 23, 2011

The Science Of Predicting Tornadoes

On the heels of Sunday night's devastating Midwest tornadoes, NPR's Jon Hamilton talks to Mary Louise Kelly about why tornadoes are still so hard to predict.


Mon May 23, 2011

Reporter Describes Tornado Devastation In Missouri

A massive tornado smashed into the city of Joplin, Mo., on Sunday night, killing scores of people. It was one of the worst in a series of storms that swept the Midwest. For the latest developments, Renee Montagne speaks with Missy Shelton, a reporter at KSMU, who is in Joplin.


Mon May 23, 2011
Around the Nation

Georgetown Graduation Program Misspells University

Georgetown University's Class of 2011 just marked the end of four years of higher learning with a graduation ceremony and an unfortunate spelling error. University was spelled incorrectly on the cover of thousands of commencement books handed out to students and their families.