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Sat February 11, 2012
Movie Interviews

'Chico And Rita': A Love Story With A Latin Groove

Originally published on Mon February 13, 2012 4:03 pm

Big Sounds, Bright Lights: Chico and Rita's musically inflected story follows a pair of lovers, a pianist and a singer, from Havana to New York to Paris.

Fernando Trueba, whose film Belle Epoque won the Oscar for Best Foreign Language Film in 1993, will be back at the Academy Awards this year; his film Chico and Rita, a love story about a Cuban pianist and singer, is up for a statue in the Animated Feature category.

Trueba says animation has some of the qualities that classic old movies had — "a more concise, more synthetical way of storytelling."

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Sat February 11, 2012
Author Interviews

In A StoryCorps Booth, Love Is 'All There Is'


Dave Isay begins his new book with a quote from co-worker Lillie Love, whose name resonates deeply with his latest project. Shortly before she died in 2010, Love said, "Love is all there is ... When you take your last breath, you remember the people you love, how much love you inspired and how much love you gave."

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Fri February 10, 2012
Music Interviews

An Understudy Turned Star Shines On The Met Stage

Originally published on Sat February 11, 2012 9:46 am

Jay Hunter Morris has received glowing reviews for his role as Siegfried in the Metropolitan Opera's most recent production of Wagner's Ring Cycle.
Ken Howard Metropolitan Opera

Siegfried is a Norse hero, and one of the most demanding roles in all of opera. He slays dragons and has to sing about it — in Gotterdammerung, The Twilight of the Gods, the last opera in Wagner's Ring Cycle.

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Fri February 10, 2012
Garden Report

For Color, Variety and Flavor, Try Heirloom Tomatoes

Heirloom varieties including Black Princes, Green Zebras and Riesentrauben
Bethany Nowviskie Flickr/Creative Commons

Thinking about trying something new in the veggie garden this season? If so, KUNC Gardener Tom Throgmorton suggests trying something old...

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Mon February 6, 2012
Garden Report

Supercharge Indoor Seedlings with Light Technology

Tomato seedlings
jspatchwork Creative Commons

Now is the time to start seeds indoors, to have them ready for planting outside this spring.  And KUNC Gardener Tom Throgmorton says boosting natural sunlight with technology can help make seedlings stronger.

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