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On Sundays, Weekend Edition combines the news with colorful arts and human-interest features, appealing to the curious and eclectic. With a nod to traditional Sunday habits, the program offers a fix for diehard crossword addicts-word games and brainteasers with The Puzzlemaster, a.k.a. Will Shortz, puzzle editor of The New York Times. With Hansen on the sidelines, a caller plays the latest word game on the air while listeners compete silently at home. The NPR mailbag is proof that the competition to go head-to-head with Shortz is rather vigorous.

Another trademark of Sunday's program is "Voices in the News," a montage of sound bites from the past week, poignant in its simplicity. Hansen also engages listeners in her discussions with regular contributors, who cover a wide range of national and international issues.

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Sun June 5, 2011

Report Blasts Warn On Drugs

A report issued this week by the Global Commission on Drug Policy labels the U.S. war on drugs a failure. The commission encourages countries not to think about it as a war on drugs, but about an effort than includes social and health problem as well.


Sun June 5, 2011

As AIDS Turns 30, Scientists Reminisce

The disease that would come to be known as AIDS was first reported on 30 years ago. In that time, both science and perceptions have changed. Donald Abrams and Paul Volberding, among the first doctors to study the strange new disease, reflect on the disease.


Sun June 5, 2011
Latin America

In Peruvian Election, A Stark Choice



Now, to Peru. Voters there go to the polls today to pick their next president in the final round of voting and the candidates couldn't be more different. One is a right-wing lawmaker and the daughter of a disgraced, jailed ex-president. The other is a left-wing former army commander who led a failed uprising against the president.

Reporter Annie Murphy is in Peru and joins us to talk about today's election. Hello, Annie.

ANNIE MURPHY: Hi, there.

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Sun June 5, 2011
NPR Story

For Senior, A Boost From Classmates

High school graduations are always an exciting time for seniors and their families. But they can also be a difficult when the future doesn't look very clear. But one Goldsboro, N.C., senior's career goals got a boost thanks to a special gift from her classmates.


Sun June 5, 2011

This Weekend On Alt.Latino: Three DJs You Should Hear

Geko Jones.
Courtesy of the artist

If you've been tuning in to Alt.Latino regularly, you might notice that we have a special love affair going on with up-and-coming Latin DJs who are in the business of mixing traditional songs with amazing beats.

So, naturally, when Weekend Edition Sunday host Jacki Lyden invited us to talk about our favorite new music, we chose to discuss some of the DJs rocking our worlds.

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