Sun May 22, 2011
Health and Environment

Colorado Children Thriving Under New Autism Law

Therapist Alli Guzzo is teaching Aiden Robles, 3, how to control himself and speak in sentences.
Robert D. Tonsing/Colorado Public News

It costs about the same amount of money for a year at Harvard as it does to treat an autistic child.  Last summer, a new Colorado law took effect that shifts that high cost from parents to health insurers. Colorado Public News checks in on what it’s meant for one Aurora family.

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Wed March 23, 2011

As Kids with Autism Mature, So Do Universities

CSU peer mentor Jayne works with Mark, a student with Asperger's Syndrome.
Grace Hood

As the number of people with autism and Asperger’s Syndrome grows, more are heading off to college. The influx is creating a demand for services to help students with the neurological disorder graduate, and find work. Colorado State University is one of the latest schools to adopt a transition program. And the school is wrapping up a two-day symposium on the topic today.

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