Sun October 21, 2012
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Basketball's Top Scorer Is Not In The NBA

Originally published on Mon October 22, 2012 6:03 am



Some people travel a long ways to find a job, even professional basketball players. Brooklyn native Everage Richardson is playing hoops in a tiny town in Germany's Harz Mountains. Reporter Connor Donevan has his story.

CONNOR DONEVAN, BYLINE: When Everage Richardson finished his college basketball career, he was looking for somewhere to play. Somewhere turned out to be Elbingerode Germany, for the Bodfeld Baskets, a town and a team he knew next to nothing about.

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Sat October 13, 2012
Movie Interviews

Hoop Dreams Land Basketball Player An 'Iran Job'

Originally published on Sat October 13, 2012 8:15 am



Kevin Sheppard was an outstanding point guard at Jacksonville University and he hoped to play professional basketball - maybe in places like Miami, Boston or Los Angeles. Instead, he wound up playing in places like Brazil, China and Israel. Then, came an offer from the heart of the Axis of Evil.


KEVIN SHEPPARD: I had no idea they played basketball in Iran. But it was actually very popular in Iran.

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Fri October 5, 2012
The Two-Way

Pat Summitt First Felt She Was Being Pushed From Tenn. Coaching Job

Pat Summitt coaching a game in December 2011.
Ezra Shaw Getty Images

A lawsuit against the University of Tennessee and its athletic director has revealed that earlier this year legendary women's basketball coach Pat Summitt felt that the school official was trying to force her to step down from her job.

That stands in contrast to statements Summitt made last spring. The coach, who is dealing with early-onset dementia, said then that it was her decision to become "head coach emeritus."

Summitt also says in an affidavit, however, that her feelings might have been due to a misunderstanding.

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Sat August 4, 2012
The Torch

For Nigeria's Basketball Fans, U.S. Blowout Can't Dampen Spirits

Nigerian fan Ifeoluwa Akande holds his country's flag as he watches Nigeria's basketball team lose to the United States by a record 83 points.
Vickie Walton-James NPR

The American men's basketball team has faced criticism for Thursday night's 156-73 blowout victory over Nigeria at the London Olympics. At the arena, NPR editor Vickie Walton-James spoke to Nigerian fans, to learn what they thought about being on the wrong end of a record score:

The vaunted USA Dream Team scored more points Thursday than any other team in an Olympic basketball game. The previous record was set in 1988, when Brazil scored 138 points to Egypt's 85.

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Sun July 29, 2012
The Torch

Will U.S. Keep Its Grip On Olympic Basketball?

Originally published on Sun July 29, 2012 9:37 am

Kobe Bryant #10 of United States shoots the ball against Mickael Gelabale #15 of France during their Men's Basketball Game on Day 2 of the London 2012 Olympic Games at the Basketball Arena on Sunday.
Rob Carr Getty Images

Update at 11:28 a.m. An Easy Win:

With the help of a generous LeBron James, assisting more than he scored, the United States breezed through France 98 to 71.

It wasn't a flashy win, but it showed U.S. dominance.

During an interview after the game, Kevin Durant was asked how the team chooses which of the All Stars gets to a take a shot.

"We don't care who scores," he said.

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