Mon April 16, 2012

Expert: Proud Secret Service 'Furious' Over Incident

President Obama speaks at the San Pedro Claver church in Cartagena, Colombia, on Sunday. An expert on the Secret Service tells NPR that Obama's security was never breached in the incident that led to 11 U.S. Secret Service agents being sent home amid allegations that they hired prostitutes in Cartagena.
Carolyn Kaster AP

The Secret Service, which has been offering protection to presidents since 1902, has long enjoyed one of the most sterling reputations of any government agency.

That reputation has been tarnished by allegations that agents hired prostitutes in Colombia in advance of President Obama's trip there.

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Mon April 16, 2012
The Two-Way

Mixed Response To Sec. Clinton's Night Out In Colombia

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton dances with members of her delegation during a break from the Americas Summit in Cartagena, Colombia, on Sunday.
Stringer Reuters /Landov

Photos of Secretary of State Hillary Clinton dancing and swigging a beer in a Cartagena, Colombia, pub have gotten her more attention than she might have wanted.

The pictures, showing the nation's top diplomat engaged in merrymaking at Cartagena's Cafe Havana prompted the headline "Swillery" from the New York Post, while TMZ tweeted "Secretary of PARTYING".

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Mon April 16, 2012
The Two-Way

Key Republican Hints At Broader Investigation Of Secret Service

Republican Rep. Darrell Issa, who chairs the House Oversight Committee, is hinting at a broader investigation of President Obama's Secret Service detail after revelations that 11 agents were sent home from Colombia for alleged misconduct involving prostitutes.

Issa of California told CBS This Morning that lawmakers will "look over the shoulder" of the Secret Service as it conducts its own internal investigation of the alleged incident that occurred ahead of the Summit of the Americas in Colombia, which President Obama attended.

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Mon April 16, 2012
NPR Story

Secret Service Scandal, Cuba;' Absence Distracts From Summit



It's MORNING EDITION, from NPR News. Good morning. I'm Steve Inskeep. Lynn Neary is in for Renee this week. Lynn, welcome to the program.


Good to be here.

President Obama is back in Washington this morning, after a weekend summit in Colombia. The gathering with leaders from throughout the Americas produced some agreement on trade and some disagreement on drug policy in Cuba.

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Sun April 15, 2012
Latin America

At Americas Summit, Allies Nudge U.S. To Change

President Obama participates in a forum with the presidents of Brazil and Colombia at the Summit of the Americas on Saturday.
Carolyn Kaster AP

President Obama emphasized at a summit of leaders from across the Americas that the U.S. would not shift strategies in the war on drugs. His administration had, in recent weeks, faced criticism from some presidents who said the U.S. approach to the drugs trade had simply generated more violence in Latin America.

That wasn't the only thorny issue Obama faced in his trip to Colombia.

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