Sun May 15, 2011
Arts & Life

School Reunions? Nah, I've Got Facebook

No need for name tags and awkward reconnections. Social networks are affecting attendance at real-life class reunions.

Facebook was created for college students to get in touch with each other. It has helped people stay in touch online so well, that it might be hurting attendance at real-world class reunions.

This means the excruciatingly awkward reunion scenes in movies — where the dorks and princesses get together to prove that either they've become cool or are still cool — don't have to happen in real life.

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Tue February 8, 2011
The Two-Way

Wael Ghonim Has 'Galvanized' Protesters In Egypt

Reporters in Cairo say the number of protesters in Tahrir Square today is noticeably larger than in the past few days and that the anti-government turnout is among the biggest in the 15 days since the demonstrations began.

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