Sat March 23, 2013
Garden Report

Early Spring Lawn Care Tips

Halley from Boston Wikimedia Commons

Spring preparation of a lawn develops deep, drought resistant roots that use less of our precious water resource.

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Thu March 21, 2013
The Salt

Spring May Have Sprung, But Most Gardens Are Still Slumbering

Want it? You can't have it. At least not yet.

For vegetable lovers, the start of spring can be a cruel tease, hinting of a feast of just-picked peas and spinach and beets, but delivering instead tired iceberg and romaine shipped from distant climes.

"It's zero here right now," Terry Nennich reported Wednesday morning, the first official day of spring, from Grand Rapids, Minn. So much for spring. Not only was it well below freezing, but the ground remained blanketed by 2 feet of snow.

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Sat March 2, 2013
Garden Report

Gardening During Water Restrictions

photo by DonBanana WikiMedia Commons

The recent snow fall haven’t had much impact on current drought conditions. Along the Front Range, we’re below normal for the year to date precipitation. We ended last year almost five inches below normal. The recent snows have added a little, helpful moisture.

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Sat February 23, 2013
Garden Report

Seeding For Spring

Cdw victoria Wikimedia Commons

Even though we need the moisture, the recent cold snap and snow fall may have many of us looking forward to Spring. It’s time we went to the Nursery for seeds. We may have to wait in line to get to the seed racks because folks are getting Spring fever. 

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Sat February 16, 2013
Garden Report

Protect Trees From Spruce Ips Beetle

Rocky Mountain National Park