Sat November 2, 2013
The Garden Report

The Emerald Ash Borer: An Urban Problem for Colorado

The Emerald Ash Borer perched on tree bark
Credit U.S. Department of Agriculture


Sat October 26, 2013
Garden Report

What's So Great About Locally Grown Food?

Ooh, fresh veggies! The bounty of a local farm.
Credit Lord Mariser / Flickr - Creative Commons

The best thing we can do to eat healthier and to bolster our local economy is to buy locally grown food. At our house, groceries are a big part of our bills. So, for us, groceries are an important place to spend locally.

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Sat October 19, 2013
Garden Report

Backyard Composting In 5 Simple Steps

Credit Kessner Photography / Wikimedia Commons

The basics of composting are simple. The pile has to be large enough to sustain itself. The mixture of organic matter needs to be right.  It’s science and art blended together.  

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Wed October 16, 2013

Turning A Public Park Into An Edible Forest Free-For-All

Stephanie Syson, manager at the Central Rocky Mountain Permaculture Institute, holds a map of the planned food forest in Basalt, Colo.'s Ponderosa Park.
Credit Luke Runyon / KUNC and Harvest Public Media


Sat October 12, 2013
Garden Report

Bigtooth Maple: An Underutilized Colorado Native

Bigtooth Maple in the Wasatch mountains in September 2009.
Credit Bryant Olsen / Flickr

This native maple will withstand drought conditions and water restrictions. It tolerates our soils from the plains to the mountains. It can be used in groves or by itself. And  it has spectacular fall color. It should be used more in our western landscapes.

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