Thu November 1, 2012


Wed October 31, 2012
Monster Factory

Reinventing What’s Scary: Inside Distortions Unlimited

Distortions Unlimited designs props and animatronic installations for haunted houses.
Jim Hill KUNC

If you’ve already visited a haunted house or plan to do so on Halloween, chances are you’ll see something designed to scare you that’s been created by Ed Edmunds.

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Tue October 30, 2012
CO VOTE 2012

On The Ballot: Fort Collins' Measure 301 & Greeley's 3A [Updated]

A sign against 301 as seen in Fort Collins
Grace Hood KUNC

On Nov. 6 Coloradans will decide the legality of marijuana and putting a cap on campaign spending while voters in Fort Collins are deciding if they want medical marijuana dispensaries around town-again and Greeley is looking at a bond for a new school.

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Sat October 27, 2012
The Spotlight: Halloween

The Spotlight: The Cabinet Of Curiosities

Patrick Feller Flickr - Creative Commons

Take a look inside The Cabinet of Curiosities – a collection of stories from KUNC and friends from around the country that celebrate the creepy, the spooky, and the macabre…

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Sat October 20, 2012

Greeley Residents Save 96 Million Gallons Of Water

Muhammad Mahdi Karim Wikimedia Commons

Following a summer of wildfires and drought, Greeley city officials asked homeowners to voluntarily stop watering their lawns Oct. 1, two weeks earlier than normal, to conserve water for next year. In just two weeks, residents saved roughly 96 million gallons of water, or enough to supply 640 homes for a year.

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