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Mon November 18, 2013

Proposed Merger Could Create Wheat Milling Goliath

By the time these hard red winter wheat sprouts reach maturity, it's likely the market for wheat will look very different with a looming merger of some of the biggest players in flour milling.
Credit Luke Runyon / KUNC and Harvest Public Media

Fall is planting time for wheat across the Great Plains. This year’s crop went into the ground while big changes were underway in the wheat market. Some of the biggest players in the flour milling industry are joining forces to make the country’s largest miller even larger.

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Tue November 12, 2013

Is Governor Hickenlooper A ‘Vulnerable’ Candidate?

Gov. Hickenlooper addresses supporters of Amendment 66 Tuesday night after results show the ballot measure losing by a large margin. It is a rare loss for Hickenlooper, and Republicans are hopeful it’s a sign of his political future next year.
John Schoenwalter The Colorado Statesman


Wed November 6, 2013
Election 2013

Colorado Says Yes To Pot Taxes, No To Education Tax

Colorado Voters statewide spoke overwhelmingly on two tax initiatives. Recreational marijuana taxes passed, while the education tax was struck down.
Larimer County Sample Ballot

Colorado voters gave a mixed reaction Tuesday on a pair of statewide tax increases. Voters didn’t want to tax themselves to pay for education, but were overwhelmingly willing to tax recreational marijuana to help rebuild schools.

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Tue November 5, 2013
Election Day

‘Squeaky Wheel’ Politics In Colorado Secession Vote

Question 1A, asking about pursuing a new 51st State, as it appears on the Weld sample ballot.
Weld County

No matter the outcome of Tuesday’s secession vote, the 11 northern Colorado counties that want to form their own state may have already scored a measure of success, thanks to what might be called the “squeaky wheel” principle of politics.

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Thu October 31, 2013
Colorado Floods

Colorado’s Chief Recovery Officer Determined To Rebuild Bigger And Better Post-Flood

Flooding in Estes Park.
Kevin Beaty Flickr - Creative Commons

The task of rebuilding following September’s historic flooding will take years to complete and one man - Jerre Stead, Colorado’s Chief Recovery Officer -  is overseeing the effort.

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