Kim Jong Il


Thu August 11, 2011
Planet Money

Drug Dealing, Counterfeiting, Smuggling: How North Korea Makes Money

An idle North Korean factory, seen from the Chinese border.
AFP Getty Images

North Korea used to be an industrial powerhouse. Not anymore. Today, the country can't feed its own people. Its cities go dark every night for lack of electricity.

Yet helplessness wasn't the original plan. The original plan for the country's economy had a name. It was called "juche," or self-reliance. The idea was that all North Korean problems should be solved by North Koreans.

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Sat January 8, 2011

Hackers Celebrate Kim Jong-Un's B-Day With Video

A website and Twitter account believed to be North Korea's state-sanctioned channels of communication have been hacked to show derogatory content on the birthday of North Korea's heir apparent.

A string of messages appeared on North Korea's Twitter account, calling North Koreans to rise up against leader Kim Jong-Il and his son, whom it referred to as the "sworn enemy."

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