Mark Udall


Mon September 19, 2011

Colorado Senators Oppose New Lunch Standards

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New school lunch food standards soon to be implemented by the Obama Administration are raising the ire of Colorado’s two Democratic senators.

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Mon August 8, 2011

Will Colorado Lawmakers be Part of the Super Committee?

Colorado Statesman

We should know next week the make-up of the bipartisan “super committee” of lawmakers who will be tasked with cutting another $1.2 to $1.5 trillion from the nation’s deficit. KUNC’s Brian Larson spoke with Colorado Statesman Publisher Jody Hope Strogoff  if anyone from Colorado could be on that committee.


Thu August 4, 2011

Forest Service to Give Sawmills Break from Timber Contracts

In an effort to help prevent Colorado’s three remaining sawmills from shutting down, the US Forest Service is offering to renegotiate timber sale contracts that were inked prior to the recession and the downturn in the housing market. 

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Thu July 21, 2011
Debt deal

Udall Seeks to End Unemployment Payments for Millionaires as Part of Debt Deal

As negotiations continue over the debt limit in Washington, Colorado senator Mark Udall is asking lawmakers to put an end to unemployment payments for millionaires.

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Fri July 15, 2011

Phone “Cramming” Impacting Colorado Residents

Capitol News Connection

Take a close look at your phone bill you could be paying for services you don’t even use. And that has Congress renewing efforts to protect Colorado residents, and the rest of the country, from those mysterious charges.

It’s called telephone bill “cramming.” Third party companies slip bogus monthly charges onto your land line phone bill. The fees range from a few dollars to as much as $50.00 and hide in plain sight amid other legitimate charges.

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