Mark Udall


Wed July 6, 2011

Colorado Senators Agree on Debt Debate

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Progress in Washington on the debt limit discussion is achingly slow, but Colorado’s Senators agree on the solution.

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Thu June 30, 2011

Bennet, Udall Stay in Washington to Work on Deficit

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Senators in Washington have scrapped their plans to spend next week in their home states. Instead they will remain on Capitol Hill for 11th hour negotiations to deal with the deficit.

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Tue June 14, 2011
Wildfire Prevention

Udall Questions Forest Service Leader about Fire Mitigation

U.S. Forest Chief Tom Tidwell

Members of the Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee – including Colorado Senator Mark Udall – questioned federal land management officials on Tuesday about their wildfire strategies in what’s already been a devastating wildfire season in the west.

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Mon June 13, 2011

FasTracks to Receive $120 Million


Today U.S. Senators Michael Bennet and Mark Udall announced $120 million in federal grant money for FasTracks, a long-term project that seeks to expand bus and rail transportation in the Denver Metro area.

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Mon June 6, 2011

Udall Wants to get REAL with Solar Bill

Senator Mark Udall

The Senate returned to work today and one of the items on Senator Mark Udall’s agenda is an effort to jumpstart the solar energy market.

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